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Sharmalaw is a bespoke law practice. Today’s communications technology makes it unnecessary to associate multiple attorneys in long-term positions in an effort to attain a top level of service no matter what the current client needs are at a given moment in time. In fact, this pre-technology method has often proven inconsistent in work product for the client in that a static roster of attorneys often fails to precisely fit the specific requirements of the client. The old-fashioned solution to maximizing the fit of client-need to attorney-skill has been to staff dozens if not hundreds of attorneys so that the closest match is theoretically–or at least appears–possible. However, this method has proven non-perfect, overly bureaucratic–the last thing you want when seeking attorney expertise–and often proven disastrous where medium to large firms routinely literally crack-apart under the pressure of their unwieldy bulk and either file for bankruptcy, disappear or worse: slowly drown while keeping up appearances while their clients suffer sub-standard work, lack of responsiveness and ultimately: loss.

bespoke practice achieves multiple gains for the client. First, each of your situations are analyzed for time and skill requirements. Second, twenty-five years of legal experience is applied to decide who among numerous qualified, prior tested, experienced attorneys and other support professionals will be best skilled to assist, in some cases, directly handle the tasks at hand. Such is no different than the advantages of retaining a large firm, but is free from the shackles of inefficiency and the illusion of stability that undermines quality of service. In this fashion, the client is simply served best.

The close and personal contact, responsiveness, individual care and attention only a small practice can provide is buttressed by the power of a wide group–a deep bench–of attorneys and other support personnel to achieve the expertise and time needed to achieve your goals no matter who you are or how large or small your needs. This is not mere outsourcing. It is the zealous embrace of the latest technology and a brilliantly diverse sea of talent coming together to bring experience, virtuosity, responsiveness and care to achieve excellence for each client every time.

Whether it is instant access to your files, email or smart-phone scheduling, reminders, notes, and access to your professional team, large or small, Sharmalaw is constantly updating systems, developing new attorneys and other professionals and creating efficiencies that translate into a better experience and outcome for you. Growth you can count on. Growth that succeeds.
Bespoke. Because now we can.